Who am i?

My name is Umeh Gerald Offordile and i am a Nigerian, A graduate of Electronics and computer Technology from the prestigious university of calabar.A seasoned web developer, I am also a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from the US-Council plus and ITIL certification from the UK government.
In simple terms, i am an IT professional and i have been passionate about making money online and Fiverr proved the best out of all the ones i have tried.

Take Advantage of the Free fall of the Naira

if you are still among the Nigerians crying everyday that dollar has increased and naira has fallen? i have good news for you, even in Syria as the fight continues people are raking in million.
For me, as the naira falls, i make more money, I don't care if APC is sleeping or PDP is fighting to come back to power. My dream of making $1000 USDollars monthly online, LEGITIMATELY.

To be sincere with you, Nigeria is not an easy country to survive right now, Garri has increased, what about rice, what about fuel. All the banks are sacking workers, Government is retrenching and even oil companies are sacking. My friend was sacked too and returned to square one with no business of his own, currently he is my fiverr student.

My PASSION has always been about putting smiles on people's faces.
Let me show You How To Make Atleast $700 Every Month Needed capital is just a laptop and internet access and no Learning of Any Complicated Skills

I want to show you how to make good money in dollars so you will stop complaining about dollar increase, WWW.FIVERR.COM is currently the best that pulls in cash into my bank account daily like a faulty ATM.

See more Results of my activities on fiverr, I do not make $5 per gig but $25 and above. See Below

Are you not sick and tired of being broke? Even the government can no longer help. The Goverment will soon start retrenching workers, there is no light, no job, no money, no business and no nothing. People are complaining everyday, but you do not need to be in that class. Come join the class of people who sit down in their house spend some few hours online working for international clients, clients are begging us to work for them and our own is to do them shakara, collect their dollars and do 2 to 3 work and earn big.

Now is the Right time to venture into an online business that made me over N250,000 monthly without investing a dime or looking for downlines that will never come.

My online business pays me, let me tell you the simple truth, it is all about knowing some secret. For the sake of doubting thomas, let me show you a few of my transactions and earnings from fiverr. If you look at the image very well you will see that on 14th of August, 2016 TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA only was paid for a single transaction into my account as a result of just sitting down at home doing my online job daily.

Okay let it not seems that i am bragging here. You need not listen to me anymore, though I am here to help you.

Hear what people like you even far more lazy than you have to say about my training kit.

As of the the time of writing this. This is my earnings

I want to help you become a fiverr millionaire. I have all the secret and strategies you need and I want to help you make as much money as you want, is it a car, or to pay your bills or to even build your house. you can make as much money as you want. I have made over 1million naira from fiverr in just 4 months and my sharp students has made much more than i do. Drop your ego and doubt and let me help you succeed online. All you need is a laptop, you dont need any downline, you dont need to be a guru. Just be hungry to make real cool cash and you are good to go.

My Training will help you create an amazing profile like this on fiverr and give you the softwares to use in deliverying your orders even if you are as lazy as my friend Akpan who just came from the village but now a fiverr guru.

In this Online Business Invasion Video Home Teaching Pack. You will learn

  • The Secret to make at least $1000 monthly as a freelancer on
  • Simple Task I Perform on that is very profitable and can be done by anyone.
  • How to rank your fiverr gig to attract floood of customers paying you and begging you for your services.
  • How to create get your first buyer within 24hours of setting up your account and what you need to do to make the buyer come back for more.
  • A simple gig that will take you less than 2 minutes to deliver. You dont need to do any kind of work to deliver this gig. It is just a link you will send the buyer.
  • My simple template I use to make sure i get 5 star rating after delivering my gig
  • How to setup your account the right way and how many account you need at a time.
  • How to withdraw all your moneys from fiverr even if you dont have paypal or payoneer card and get your cash into your Nigerian bank account and how to get people to beg you to sell your fiverr funds for them without lifting a finger.
  • I will also show you what is called Fiverr Middleman. How to make more than you can ever imagine as a fiverr middleman.
  • You will also learn my secret new ways of getting fiverr orders of up to $1000 dollars just for one order just like many of my students. Odiri got just an order of $1200, Richard got n order of $800 all in a single order
  • You will also see some other online secret business I do that continually pull cash into my account like a faulty ATM.
  • And much more
  • Get my mentorship for free until you hit your first 1million naira on this.

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After payment Please send an email to with the following information.

Your Name, Email and Amount Paid .
In less than 5 hours you will get your package delivered to your email address and also I will add you to our secret whatsapp group so that you can get further assistance from others and where you have access to get any kind of support from me all the time.

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I know you will succeed in this, what you need now is just to take action.

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Umeh Gerald Offordile
CEO, GeraldFord Technologies

No Part of this report must be copied. If you do you will be arrested and prosecuted by my lawyers and am sure you will be punished.
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